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Transfer at Ruhr-Universität

Ruhr-Universität Bochum is a place where knowledge networks extend beyond the campus. We consider it our duty to contribute to society and to assume responsibility for the careers of young people and for the entire region. This is why we promote technology transfer and startups. At RUB, transfer takes place across all disciplines and gives birth to interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • We communicate entrepreneurship competencies from the very first semester and focus on practice-oriented education.
  • We support students as they develop their own ideas and projects, up to and including helping them start their own business.
  • We strengthen the collaboration between our chairs and industrial enterprises.
  • We promote networking among all actors through transfer and networking events.
  • We enable students and researchers to spin off their project from RUB, we initiate the licensing process and file patent applications.
  • We contribute to regional development.

Our 20 faculties provide numerous options for interdisciplinary cooperation, based on which productive research and development transfer collaborations are continuously established:


The innovation workshop Worldfactory turns theory into practice. It strengthens the transfer of scientific results into industrial enterprises and society. The innovative Worldfactory concept is the interface where studies, research, and industry meet.



Centrum für Entrepreneurship, Innovation und Transformation (CEIT) is a catalyst for projects with a sound economic foundation – in terms of research and in terms of application. At CEIT, the Faculty of Management and Economics at Ruhr-Universität bundles entrepreneurship, innovation and transformation and, at the same time, strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, CEIT generates a regional transfer network incorporating scientific research and practical applications – as well as genuine future perspectives.



The Bochum-based Institut für Technologie (Bo-I-T) is a centre for application-oriented research and development. At BO-I-T, higher-education institutions and industrial enterprises team up to form an interdisciplinary research and development institute. The team at BO-I-T provides advice on funding programmes, helps file applications for project coordination and administration, and liaises between RUB and industrial actors in the region. Thus, BO-I-T is materially involved in implementing scientific findings in the regional industry and building a bridge between academic research and commercial usage.


RUB Academy

The RUB academy provides praxis-oriented, interdisciplinary training on an academic level for skilled and executive personnel in enterprises, municipalities, associations and educational institutions.


Blue Square

In the city centre of Bochum, science and the public meet in the rooms of the Blue Square building. A transfer of current topics and research results to the broad public is accomplished via lectures and events.

Blue Square

Transfer & Entrepreneurship at RUB

Transfer and entrepreneurship are embedded in key departments: on the Rectorate level represented by the Vice Rector for research, transfer and early career researchers, as well as on the administrative level represented by the administrative department for University Development and Strategy.

Here, division 4 is in charge of transfer and entrepreneurship. It supports the Rectorate in the strategic development of transfer between our university and the industry of the region. The central project managed by division 4 is the innovation workshop Worldfactory. It promotes practice-oriented teaching formats and strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit at RUB.

Department 1.4.

Transfer institutions

  • Practice and research factory

The practice and research factory offers students an interdisciplinary experience of the entire production process, from technology, through organisation, to personnel placement, in a hands-on and holistic approach.The practice and research factory combines theory, simulations, and role-playing games in an industrial production environment. It facilitates collaborations with enterprises and joint project management benefitting both sides. Lernfabrik is thus a cornerstone of the innovation workshop Worldfactory.

Practice and research factory

  • Cube 5

The startup incubator Cube 5 constitutes the stepping stone from research into the IT security sector. The team of experts at Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security introduces students to the subject of startups at an early stage and assists them during technology development and market entry. Cube 5 plants the seed of an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit in students during their studies and creates opportunities to acquire the necessary expertise for a potential future startup. Cube 5 covers the entire development cycle of startups in the field of IT security.

Cube 5

  • ZAP

Centre for applied pastoral research (ZAP) researches into sustainable, innovative, and ambitious developments of the church. The research community bundles expertise in the areas of theology, sociology, pedagogy, and religious studies. ZAP focuses on the transfer between research, ecclesiastical decision-makers, and the public.


Transfer locations


Two students

Universitätsforum Ost, UFO for short, is the breeding ground of the innovation workshop Worldfactory. Since 2016, practice-oriented education has been taking place in the rooms at Unicenter, in addition to consultancy and proactive assistance for practical and startup projects. At UFO, students, lecturers, tutors, and researchers have the chance to develop, test, and implement ideas: for example at the soon-to-be-completed MakerForum, and later at MakerSpace that is currently in the planning stage.

The Worldfactory team provides a wide range of consultancy services to promote networking with the industry. In addition to event and seminar rooms, UFO also houses a co-working space, where projects and startups can flourish.


Inventions and patents

RUB supports investors prior to invention disclosure with regard to questions on patents, trademark rights, and patent-based spin-offs. Researchers and other RUB employees submit their invention disclosures to division 4 at administrative department 1. In collaboration with Provendis GmbH, the division then assesses the inventions, files patents for the most promising ones, and commercialises them by selling licenses.


Creating knowledge networks
Whre the O-Werk grows

On an area covering approx. 2,000 m² at the former Opel admin building, the O-Werk is being established as a place where innovative approach will flourish: in addition to the Worldfactory MakerSpace, it will also house Akademie der RUB, CEIT, and ZAP. Thus, O-Werk will become a place of productive and interdisciplinary exchange.




The RUB campus offers numerous activities and locations where academia and industry join forces and students have the opportunity to gain valuable entrepreneurship experience. An interactive map provides an overview of the practice and transfer-oriented lectures and seminars on our campus.


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