Equal opportunities

Every individual shapes the university with his or her unique qualities and skills, with his or her qualification and personality. This is why RUB ensures gender equality, promotes equal opportunities for people with disabilities, and nurture cultural diversity.

Table with symbols for female and male

With an established equal opportunities strategy, both structural and individually, RUB creates a modern perspective. This includes the usage of women's potential in every aspect of scienctic work.

Two young female researchers in white coats in the laboratory

What counts at RUB are skills, and not gender. Women and men are offered the same career opportunities: in studies, in science as well as in administration.

Adult's hand holds child's hand

There’s more to life than work and study: it is other people who make our lives worth living. This is why RUB supports its employees and students balance their careers with family responsibilities.

Two wheelchair users on campus

RUB makes a stand for diversity: it is humane, accomplished and open to the world. To make sure that the university as a community benefits from the personalities and talents of each of its members, it advocates for the inclusion of and provides equal opportunities to all individuals.

Three female students cross the bridge to the RUB

Gender studies are firmly established in research and education at RUB – for example with visiting chairs and a Master’s degree.

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