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Adult's hand holds child's hand

Family-friendly university

There’s more to life than work and study: it is other people who make our lives worth living. This is why RUB supports its employees and students balance their careers with family responsibilities.

In 2015, RUB signed the Family at the University charter. RUB has been working in a team with more than hundred universities and academic institutions in German-speaking countries ever since, striving to implement better study and work conditions for families.

Student parents and working parents

Tricycles and swings on the campus: the daycare centre UniKids and the playgroup Unizwerge are bustling with RUB children at play. While the toddlers valiantly leap into a ball pit, their parents are studying or working at RUB. In order to ensure that children from two months of age are looked after even during holidays, the RUB family service offers holiday daycare schemes.

Career with relatives in need of care

Caring for elderly or sick relatives is one of the greatest challenges that we all might one day have to face. RUB provides advice and support to its members who care for a relative while pursuing their career goals.

Equal opportunities
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