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Three female students cross the bridge to the RUB

Gender studies

Gender studies are firmly established in research and education at RUB – for example with visiting chairs and a Master’s degree.

Gender knowledge and gender competence are key skills that are continuously gaining in importance in today’s heterogeneous societies. Students develop cross-disciplinary understanding of power and inequality mechanics and the impact it has on the individual and on society. Using these skills, they initiate new processes in research and practice, develop instruments for the promotion of equal opportunities and implement diversity measures.

Marie Jahoda Guest Professorship

The Marie-Jahoda guest professorship for international women’s research was established at RUB in 1994, in order to provide fundamental impulses for an international, interdisciplinary and innovative gender research. In the meantime, 36 female professors were appointed to RUB through this program.

Gender Studies Degree Programmes

Gender Studies at RUB

The interdisciplinary master’s programme Gender Studies can be studied as a two subject programme at RUB since the winter semester 2005/2006.

Module Law of Equality and Gender Competency

Since the summer semester 2009, the RUB Master of Laws degree programme has featured the module Law of Equality and Gender Competency at the University of Hagen. The module focuses on gender issues in law and aims to strengthen competencies in legal questions surrounding gender.


Concerning research on gender and women’s matter, RUB has a tradition that goes back to the 1980s. This research is organized in various networks.

RUB-network Gender Studies

In its core, this network consists of seven professors and their designated chairs for women’s and gender studies. Simultaenously, they constitute the board of directors of the field of study.

Women’s Research Network NRW

This regional network represents a large group of female scholars from RUB.

Campaign on campus

The university is a social space. Problems and taboos that affect society are also reflected on campus. RUB does not tolerate harassment, sexual violence and discrimination on campus. The campaign “Our Campus” has been specifically launched to raise awareness and promote exchange. RUB protects all university members regardless of their gender identity and sexual orientation. It focuses on awareness, respect and civil courage among university members, as well as transparent preventive measures and guidance.

Equal opportunities
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