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Two wheelchair users on campus


RUB makes a stand for diversity: it is humane, accomplished and open to the world. To make sure that the university as a community benefits from the personalities and talents of each of its members, it advocates for the inclusion of and provides equal opportunities to all individuals.

RUB reaches out to its members of staff and its students – no matter which challenges life throws at them. Together, they find solutions to make sure that a disability is not an impediment.

Barrier-free access to academia

Studying at a university is always challenging, for people with and without disabilities. RUB enables all its students to pursue the degree courses that meet their preferences and requirements. Read more about the support RUB provides to students with disabilities here.

Working with disabilities

RUB supports its employees with disabilities in all matters – from setting up a barrier-free workplace to strategic career management. Learn all about the services for employees with disabilities here:

Advice and assistance

A number of RUB institutions provide valuable advice to people with disabilities on how to navigate the workplace environment without encountering any barriers. In order to promote the inclusion of all students and employees, RUB helps wherever it is possible.

Equal Opportunities
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