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Plastikflagen aus Schweden, USA und der Schweiz.

International – RUB and the world

The Ruhr area has always been a place where the world is at home. People from all over the world work and study at Ruhr-Universität – regardless of national borders or countries and cultures of origin. We support international students and researchers from day one, helping them find their way around RUB and feel at home in Bochum. This is because every single one of our guests contributes his or her cultural background and unique perspective to making RUB what it is today. Together, we can accomplish great things.

Intercultural learning – global studies

Every year, 600 RUB students spend one semester abroad – and just as many come to us from all over the world. We support and advise students when they decide to go on international exchange, and we provide the same services to students who arrive at RUB.

We welcome more than 4,000 international students on our campus. By complying with the National Code of Conduct for German Universities Regarding International Students, RUB makes sure that international students have the same rights as German and EU students. This means: we assist our international students in their everyday life and help them find their way around their new university.

In international and English-language degree courses, international and German students join forces to work on relevant research topics together. In addition, 15 of our degree courses offer Double or Joint Degrees in collaboration with partner universities abroad. Two of the RUB’s Master’s degrees are fully completed at a university abroad: Development Management in South Africa and Computational Engineering in Vietnam. Students have thus the chance to acquire valuable intercultural competencies while pursuing their degree and – and to expand their horizons.

International education and research

People from more than 130 countries study, research and learn on the RUB campus: approx. 600 of our PhD students and hundreds of researchers have come to RUB from abroad. In order to remain up-to-date with regard to international education and research, we establish ties with knowledge landscapes in other countries by implementing our future strategy “Research Campus RUB”. This strategy provides a platform for international exchange to early career researchers, where they can jointly contribute to the expanding global knowledge pool. Our Research Departments and international Graduate Schools likewise focus on global cooperation. In international teams such as Mercator Research Groups, junior researchers investigate interdisciplinary questions.

International networks

New York, Moscow and São Paulo: communication is key. As University Alliance Ruhr, comprised of RUB and our neighbouring universities in Dortmund und Duisburg-Essen, we run Liaison Offices in Russia, Brazil and in the US. There, as well as in many other countries, we have established partnerships with other higher-education institutions. Subject to exchange are not only students and researchers, but first and foremost knowledge. For the same reason, RUB is member in international university networks such as the Utrecht Network. This is how we actively promote progress and the internationalisation of education and research – while at the same time carrying our hospitality out into the world.

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