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We educate outstanding junior scientist and push on research - for social and technological progress: The Ruhr-Universtät Bochum meets her educational mission and presents her scientific findings to the general public. As a cosmopolitan and international university, RUB is rooted in the region and fosters the Ruhr area to unfold her true strength.

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We share your knowledge with the public and support those who help us by getting our message across.

  • Press releases

What is new in research and education at RUB? Our press releases keep you posted.


  • News

Always up to date: Our news portal provides you daily with the latest news from the RUB – comprehensively and entertainingly.


  • Department of communication

We create an authentic image of RUB. Therefore, we are the first place to go for members of the media.


  • Services for members of the media

We provide members of the media with comprehensive service: from the agency of contacts to a wide range of press images.



Interested citizens are very welcome to discover new horizons with the Ruhr-Universität.

  • Blue Square

In the Blue Square, citizens and science get together – right in the city centre of Bochum. Talks and events comprehensively present recent topics and the latest scientific findings.

Blue Square

  • Lecture Series

All faculties of the RUB organise lecture series, in which current research topics are elaborated on from different angles.

Lecture Series

  • School Projects

University already starts at RUB before the graduation from school: we invite students of all grades of school to experience academic research.


  • University Sports

At RUB not only science is public – but also the fitness offers: non-RUB members are welcome to attend many of our sport courses.



The Ruhr-Universität Bochum appreciates all involvement from members of society – by private people, foundations and companies.

  • Boost RUB

Foundations and other supporters take responsibility and create the future together with RUB in various manners.

Founding opportunities

  • Foster Transfer

At RUB, science and economy efficiently exchange ideas – a great advantage for everyone.

University and economy

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