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Studies, teaching and research without borders

RUB provides the conditions for scholars to establish research collaborations with top-level partners on an international level and to jointly pursue current research questions.

The university enables students and early career researchers to gain international experience at an early stage, if possible more than once in the undergraduate, graduate as well as PhD and postdoc phases. The university aims at fostering the intercultural competencies of all its members.

RUB is thus an attractive destination for international students and researchers, who benefit from the comprehensive service and support range. At present, people from more than 130 countries are working at the RUB campus. Their number includes approx. 600 international PhD students and hundreds of international researchers.

Strategic partnerships

In order to promote research, education and transfer through networking and to render them visible in the international arena, RUB enters into strategic partnerships.

Research-focused partnerships

In order to continuously strengthen its international networks in its main areas of research, RUB assists its world-class research departments in establishing partnerships with international research institutions that are likewise renowned in the same fields on an international level. These partnerships result in co-publications, joint workshops, conferences and projects, as well as transfer and a wealth of mobility programmes.

Example of research-focused partnerships:

Academic partnerships

International research-based partnerships aim at improving the quality and international competitiveness in research, education, studies and transfer. The range of potential joint activities is very broad: it includes cooperative international teaching that results in double or joint degrees and encompasses various international activities – e.g. summer schools, exchange of guest lecturers, lab exchanges – as well as mobility programmes that are embedded in the degree courses as well as in PhD degrees and joint research projects. In the process, comprehensive chains of cooperation are established on all levels that generate significant added value for both partners – individually and even more so as part of interconnected networks.

Academic partnerships are long-term schemes and many of them have been active for decades.

Examples of academic partnerships:

Global engagement

RUB assumes international responsibility through partnerships through which it operates in developing and emergent countries, where it participates in transnational institutions and sets up its own degree courses. Moreover, the university supports scholars at risk and promotes activities in research, education and transfer under the umbrella of the “Digital Society” as well as activities that help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Examples of global engagement

RUB funding and grant programmes

The “Visiting Professors” grant programme awards faculties that invite international academics as visiting lecturers and tutors to the RUB campus.

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