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As one of the major employers in Bochum, RUB continuously advertises vacancies at university. In accordance with the principle “Generating Knowledge Together”, vacancies are advertised for positions across all hierarchical levels on campus. They are listed at the job portal stellenwerk Bochum.

The vacancies are organised for easy search. Users can search for specific keywords, those including professorship vacancies, research vacancies, and vacancies for engineering or library staff. Teaching staff for specific positions and student assistant vacancies are listed separately. Typically, approx. 100 vacancies are available at any given time on campus. None of the ads is older than 28 days.

Stellenwerk Bochum


Incorporated as a GmbH (limited company), stellenwerk is a full subsidiary of Universität Hamburg. RUB is part of the network alongside several other universities. In addition to positions at university, stellenwerk also advertises part-time jobs for students. Quality standards such as minimum wage are complied with at all times. Additional categories relevant to students include internships, final theses, graduate jobs, and part-time jobs.

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