About Us

About Us

Global Networks & Effective Communication: This is what we stand for. As one of the most powerful research universities, we integrate the full range of scientific and research disciplines under one roof, explore avenues of innovation in academia, and are dedicated to knowledge transfer. Employing effective communication, we create global knowledge networks across all generations, thus fulfilling our core mission: Creating Knowledge Networks.

Die RUB steht für menschlich, weltoffen, leistungsstark.

Just as the individuals who shape its profile, each university also has a distinctive personality. The RUB’s portrait and mission statement are best proof of this fact.

Die Flaggen auf dem RUB-Campus

Flexible, modern and clearly defined structures and processes constitute the foundation of outstanding performance in research, education and transfer.

Luftbild Campus

She was one of the first and is the biggest in the state: Ruhr-Universität Bochum affects the history of the Ruhr area since her foundation and proactively contributes to the structural change.

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