Research, studying and transfer

At the RUB, cutting-edge research at an international level is not only incorporated into courses that are committed to the principle of research-based learning right from the start. Equally important is the transfer of knowledge and findings into industry and the public, as well as the strengthening of the entrepreneurial spirit of students.

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With its 20 faculties, RUB houses a broad range of disciplines on one compact campus, from natural and engineering sciences, through life sciences and medicine, to humanities and social sciences.

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The RUB offers students a wide range of subjects and allows them to participate in research right from the start. It brings talents to the fore through numerous support programmes.

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The transfer of knowledge, technologies and findings from research to application is the RUB's third core task alongside research and teaching. With various offers and facilities, the RUB paves the way for exchange between science, industry and society.

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