Talent promotion

RUB is deeply committed to furthering the development of young talents. The university mentors talented school students on their way to RUB. During their entire career at RUB, early career researchers raise their profile with the support of various institutions, programmes and projects. This is how young talents get ahead.

Student wearing a white labotary clothe

Even before they leave school, RUB assists students in identifying and nourishing their talents.

student receives certificate from prorector

The 43,000+ RUB students include brilliant minds in different disciplines.

Student in the libary

RUB supports young talents as they pursue a career in science.

Two female reserchers analyse a sample

RUB continues to support early career researchers after the PhD – regardless if they pursue a career at RUB or outside of academia.

Two researcher analyse pictures of the brain

RUB offers its researchers a wealth of opportunities: in addition to traditional appointment, RUB provides two alternative paths to a tenured position.

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