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Achievements and accomplishments

With an established equal opportunities strategy, both structural and individually, RUB creates a modern perspective. This includes the usage of women's potential in every aspect of scienctic work.

Following a consistent appointment policy, RUB has increased the percentage of women professors from eleven per cent in 2004 to over 30 per cent in 2021. In conjunction with its women’s quota of over 50 per cent among junior professors, the university thus ranks above the national and NRW average. RUB has attained multiple accolades for its equal opportunity measures and was successful in competitions and rankings:


  • Winner in the Diversity-Wettbewerb of the Science Ministry North Rhine-Wetsphalia (German)

  • Re-Audit Familiengerechte Hochschule



  • Award in the Competition „Fort-Schritte wagen – Neue Wege für Jungs“ für JIPPPPP – Projekte für Jungs

  • Best Practice Example in the EU project Science Ambassador and science mentoring schemes across Europe (MINT projects for female school-goers)

  • Audit Familiengerechte Hochschule


  • „Get the best – Mehr Frauen für die Forschung!“ der Initiative D 21


In addition, RUB itself also awarded a prize: Every two years, this 15,000 euros award is presented to excellent, innovative projects on gender equality by the university’s rectorate. Its aim is to make these equal opportunities projects visible and financially support them. The award has been named after Lore Agnes (born June 4, 1876 in Bochum), social-democratic politician and women’s rights activist.

Lore-Agnes-Preis (German)

Equal opportunities
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