Campus development

RUB is growing and constantly changing its face. In the meantime, it has grown beyond its original campus and as part of a tripolar strategy continues to develop at three locations. RUB is proving to be the engine and innovator of Bochum, the city of science.

View of the Audimax from the IB building

The campus is the nucleus of RUB. As a place of learning and teaching, it combines research, teaching and administration and is gradually being modernised.

Aerial view of the Bochum city park quarter with Bergbaumuseum

Ruhr University Bochum has long since arrived in the heart of Bochum, where it is becoming increasingly visible in the transfer of science to society. The Archaeology Triangle and the Bochum Window are representative of this development.

Aerial view of the former Opel site

In collaboration with its partners, RUB will be promoting the transfer among science, industry and society on former Opel premises and today’s Mark 51°7 technology campus, where new research buildings are currently under construction.

Spiegelung in den Fenstern des Audimax

RUB establishes itself as a progressive university for the 21st century.

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