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Comprehensive assistance for students

The 43,000+ RUB students include brilliant minds in different disciplines.

Some stand out in their first years at university due to an outstanding performance in their degrees; others boast superb entrepreneurial talent or collect medals at leading sporting competitions such as the Olympic Games. RUB analyses the conditions surrounding young talents and attempts to foster them individually, if possible: by providing financial, non-material, and organisational support.

Scholarship fund

Since its inception in 2008, the RUB’s student scholarship fund has provided financial and non-material support to more than 2,000 students. RUB has been awarding the so-called Deutschland-Stipendium since 2011; in 2017, 239 students benefitted from it. Scholarship holders are chosen based on their outstanding performance at university as well as on their commitment to social responsibility.



With the assistance of the Society of Friends, RUB awards prizes for several outstanding theses every year. The awards at a glance:

  • Wollschläger Sales Engineering Award (outstanding final thesis in mechanical engineering, 5,000 euros)
  • Faculty Award Mechanical Engineering (outstanding final theses, 3,000 euros)
  • Practice Awards Geosciences (outstanding performance in applied geosciences, 3,000 euros)

Other sponsors enable RUB to award additional prizes.

  • Award by Rotary Club Bochum-Hellweg (final theses in all degree courses, 2,000 euros)
  • thyssenkrupp Student Award (academic papers in management and economics)
  • Gesellschaft für Operations Research e.V. (academic papers in management and economics)
  • Employers’ associations Ruhr/Westphalia: Advancement Award Teacher Qualification (final theses in Master of Education degrees)

In addition, the best final theses (Bachelor or Master) at each faculty are acknowledged at the Academic Annual Celebration every year.

Promos grants

The International Office awards a number of grants to finance RUB students’ international exchange. Students have the option to apply for funds to finance their research visits, for example with the aim of completing their final thesis or attending a Summer School in New York.

Promos grants

Initiative projects

Funded by the InSTUDIES projects, RUB students have the opportunity to conduct independent research and teaching projects. This includes presenting initial research results at the conference “Forschen und Lehren in studentischer Hand” or organising lecture series for their fellow students.

inSTUDIES (german website)


Under the umbrella of Worldfactory, RUB fosters its students’ entrepreneurial spirit and offers Summer Schools focusing on entrepreneurship. In the “UFO” building, students are welcome to use rooms free of charge, in order to discuss and develop concrete project ideas with their peers. Moreover, Gründer Campus Ruhr provides biweekly consultancy sessions to support young start-up entrepreneurs. The student-run start-up initiative “Jump Up Ruhr”, too, offers assistance to young entrepreneurial talents.

Worldfactory (German website)

International students

4,000 international students participate in campus life at RUB. The best ones among their ranks are awarded prizes to acknowledge their achievements and motivate them to continue their academic training in Germany or to start their professional career in this country.

Together with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the RUB International Office awards a prize amounting to 1,000 euros for outstanding academic performance and commitment to social responsibility.

Scholarships for refugees

Introduced in 2016, the scholarship awarded by the Evonik Foundation to refugee students in engineering and natural science degrees is unique in Germany.


Ruhr Fellowship

Every year, RUB, together with partner universities affiliated under the umbrella of University Alliance Ruhr, gives approx. 15 talented students from the USA the opportunity to get to know the Ruhr area, to attend a Summer School, and to do an internship at an industrial enterprise. The aim is to promote the Ruhr area as an educational and technology hub.

Lehrkräfte Plus

At RUB, refugee teachers from conflict regions have the chance to qualify for teaching in compliance with the German school system. To this end, they attend advanced German language courses and didactic seminars in their subjects. In addition, they complete internships at secondary schools.

Lehrkräfte Plus (German website)

Top sports

RUB students brought home six Olympic gold medals from the games in Rio de Janeiro. Since 2003, Ruhr-Universität has been a Partner University of Top Sports and has thus committed itself to fostering a balance between sport and university studies. This comprises the following measures:

  • Providing individual mentors, via student guidance, steering committee
  • Granting sabbatical leave to pursue top sports
  • Facilitating flexible course schedules
  • Rendering attendance more flexible
  • Coordinating individual deadlines and exam dates
  • Planning individual internships and excursions
  • Granting free access to university facilities
  • Providing accommodation in student halls
  • Setting up meal plans for athletes in the university dining hall (Mensa)

RUB has been a successful participant in the European University Championships and Games and has produced the teams currently leading the football and handball league tables.

Social responsibility

RUB students contribute to their community through a wealth of initiatives and associations. Wherever possible, RUB supports their commitment by, for example, providing rooms for meetings and conferences, helping find sponsors, and supplying professional guidance. Below is a list of examples of student initiatives supported by RUB:

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