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The building oft he university administration

Digitalisation in administration

RUB’s administration is a service provider that ensures smooth implementation of all organisational processes at the university. Digitalisation enables new, lean administration processes.

Digital services

Submitting leave application letters or ordering a RUB staff card: RUB personnel have access to many digital services. Administrative services can thus be requested at any time and from any location. The changeover renders many processes much more convenient for our members of staff.

The administration’s service portal provides numerous digital services to RUB employees.

Service portal (German)


RUB administration is a service unit at the university. Its mission statement outlines in what way the department shall fulfil its function as a service provider. Digitalisation enables the administrative department to meet the requirements resulting thereof even more effectively. In order to do the complexity of the subject matter justice, the Chancellor, in collaboration with the heads of administrative departments, has launched the programme “Process orientation and digitalisation in administration”.

Under the umbrella of this programme, the administrative department intends to provide services that ...

  • are user and process-oriented,
  • can be utilised without media disruption,
  • are independent of time and location.

Digitalisation strategy (German)

Digitalisierung Endgeräte

Shaping the digital transformation in the university, bundling requirements and tackling them in a structured way – these are the key objectives of the programme “Process Orientation and Digitalisation of Administration” (PDV).

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