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Furthering the development of PhD students

RUB supports young talents as they pursue a career in science.

Research School

The university’s Research School brings PhD students from all 20 faculties together and adds value to their PhD research. Funded in the first round of the Excellence Initiative since 2006, the Research School has cemented its position as an established and successful network. The university’s Graduate School provides professional support to PhD students from all disciplines as they pursue their dissertation project and helps them prepare for future employment.

Research School

Research School PLUS

The project Research School PLUS secured its funding in the second round of the Excellence Initiative and has been integrated into the Graduate School since 2012, with the objective of supporting any international activities of PhD students.

Research School Plus

General doctoral degree regulations

Following the passing of its general doctoral degree regulations in 2014, RUB hit a milestone when it comes to promotion of early career researchers. All 3,200 PhD students at RUB Research School from all 20 faculties have been pursuing their doctoral degree following consistent quality standards. This was one of the objectives set by RUB in the course of the Excellence Initiative.

All faculties came together to lead a constructive debate and drew up the RUB’s first general doctoral degree regulations. It is more than just a framework, as it places an obligation on all participants to adhere to joint high standards. In instances where discipline-specific amendments are required, the faculties have the option to adjust the regulations to their respective PhD culture.

General doctoral degree regulations (german pdf)

Research Academy Ruhr

Following the success of the RUB Research School, the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr) has built the Research Academy Ruhr as a platform for joint perspectives and programmes for promoting early career researchers. It prepares them for a career in research, industry and society, supports existing research project networks within UA Ruhr, and facilitates the initialisation of new joint projects.

Research Academy Ruhr

Talent promotion
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