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Global study and PhD opportunities

RUB enables students and early career researchers to take part in international exchange – at different stages of their university career and from the very beginning.

Through research-oriented teaching, students benefit from international world-class research in all main areas of research at RUB from the outset. From the very first semester, they are prepared to be critical, responsible thinkers and problem solvers and are thus equipped for active participation in their future career as well as in society across national borders.

For the internationalisation of early career researchers in the PhD and postdoc phase, the Research School PLUS (funded in the Excellence Initiative) provides a full arsenal of funding options. According to a resolution issued by the Rectorate, the programmes will be continued after the termination of funding through the Excellence Initiative. The RUB Language Training Centre provides courses in twelve foreign languages to all students as well as multi-level German courses for international students and PhD students.

Creating networks

In order to continuously strengthen its international networks, RUB establishes partnerships with research institutions worldwide. It is one of the few German universities to be involved in several large transnational projects. As member in the Utrecht Network, which connects 32 universities in 27 countries, RUB actively contributes to the internationalisation of curricula and prepares employees for their duties in all areas of internationalisation. As member of the Steering Committee, RUB is dedicated to the European University Association’s Learning and Teaching Initiative and takes active part in the work conducted by the Thematic Peer Group as well as in annual conferences.

International exchange

Every year, 600 RUB students spend one semester abroad, studying, doing an internship or participating in a research project – and just as many come to RUB from all over the world. Approx. 4,000 international students are enrolled in a regular degree or as exchange students.

By complying with the National Code of Conduct for German Universities Regarding International Students, RUB makes sure that non-EU students have the same rights as German and EU students. This includes assisting international students with everyday issues and with their degree courses.

International degree courses and foreign-language programmes

International and German students join forces in numerous international degree courses in the English and French language in order to work jointly on current research topics. 15 RUB degree courses offer double, joint and multiple degrees in collaboration with partner universities abroad.

An increasing number of disciplines set up English-language avenues in their regular German-language degree courses, in order to enable exchange students to attend seminars and lectures for the period of one or two semesters.

A selection of international study options

  • In English: 14 English-language Master’s degrees enable international students to access the academic world and prepare German students for the global labour market.
  • Twice as good: In many programmes, students have the option to get a degree at a partner university (double degree or a joint degree) in addition to their RUB degree.
  • In the Cape: the South African German Centre for Development Research trains executives in the field of development cooperation. Following the collaboration between RUB and the University of Western Cape in South Africa, the Centre has been creating global research networks since 2009.
  • From Eastern Europe and Central Asia: With “Studienbrücke Deutschland” (Study Bridge Germany, German website), the University Alliance Ruhr and the Goethe-Institute in Moscow give Eastern European school leavers with outstanding German-language skills and know-how the chance to enrol in a STEM degree at RUB or one of its partner universities.
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