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Apprenticeships and internships

RUB is one of the largest organisations that offer apprenticeships in Bochum. Currently, apprentices are trained in 22 different trades. In order to help young people find their perfect job or degree course, RUB organises internships for school students.

RUB offers two different internship options. It makes a distinction between two internship types:

Internships for prospective students

Checking out degree course options: internships for prospective students

With an internship for study orientation, we provide a glimpse into the organisation and curriculum of degree courses: school leavers compile individual timetables from a list of selected courses, attend the lectures of their choice, and are mentored by university students, if required. This approach results in individual internships and a university experience that is easy to navigate.

Internships at university departments

Some RUB institutes provide internships for school leavers. Those who wish to get an insight into a lab or a research group can apply for an internship at the respective faculty. Internships for school leavers are available at the following faculties:

      Internships for non-students

      Work experience

      RUB institutions that take in apprentices also offer internships for secondary school students, for example at the Botanical Garden or the university library. To students from technical secondary schools, internships are available in the fields of metal and construction technology.

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