Human resources development

Human resources development is a constant process. RUB offers programmes and seminars to help employees with all challenges concerning their job.

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At RUB, research and education go hand in hand. Good education inspires and renders students fit for their life after university. The collaboration with international and interdisciplinary teams requires specific skills.

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Trust and respect constitute the foundation of successful collaboration. The organisational and human resources development at RUB supports executives in their endeavours to strengthen their teams and organisational units.

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RUB helps its researchers and scholars plan their careers. RUB provides assistance regarding research grants, appointment negotiations, and research project management – and helps early career researchers to shape their profile after completing their PhD degrees.

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Our executives provide guidance and constructive feedback, thus ensuring optimal working conditions for their employees. In order to perform this challenging task successfully, our executives participate in ongoing career training and education programmes.

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The diverse duties and requirements faced by RUB employees are reflected in human resources development programmes.

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