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Training courses for executives

Executives provide guidance and constructive feedback, thus ensuring optimal working conditions for their employees. In order to perform this challenging task successfully, executives participate in ongoing career training and education programmes.

Executive and managerial competencies

Executive duties at a university are highly diverse, spanning the full range of research, administration, engineering, and project management. Ruhr University Bochum provides the perfect training package in accordance with individual requirements to newly appointed executives and executives with many years of experience, executives in administrative functions, as well as professors with a chair and professors fulfilling the role of project managers:

Mentoring programmes for executives

Experienced colleagues share their expertise with new employees, helping them identify the most important issues and showing them how to confidently master challenges. As a result, the mentoring programmes from Ruhr University Bochum develop the careers of new executives in a manner tailor-cut to meet their individual requirements.

Mentoring Programme

Coaching for bosses

Some questions can be best resolved in individual interviews. This is why our executives receive individual 1:1 consultancy on request. Each coaching session is tailor-cut to meet your specific requirements. Solutions are thus identified and strategies devised, all of which are ideally suited to your unique situation and your personality. Under the personal guidance of an external coach, professors have the opportunity to explore options of developing their individual careers.

Team development

Ruhr University Bochum makes teams stronger: the organisational and human resources development at Ruhr University supports executives in their endeavours to strengthen their teams and organisational units. By providing assistance and mediation in difficult situations, it helps build stable and strong teams. In the process, the teams analyse the skills that individual members can conceivably bring to the table to benefit the joint undertaking and identify how each team member can contribute to shared success.

Human resources development
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