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Human resources development for researchers

At RUB, research and education go hand in hand. Good education inspires and renders students fit for their life after university. The collaboration with international and interdisciplinary teams requires specific skills. RUB also offers relevant assistance regarding all other aspects of day-to-day research work.

Career through mentoring

RUB boosts your career: with its mentoring programme, RUB supports the future career of its lecturers and tutors. It doesn’t matter if you have only just started out or if you’re an old hand: our mentoring programme provides new insights and fresh motivation.

Mentoring (German)

Contact point for lecturers and tutors

Clearly structured presentations and lectures that fascinate your audience: at the so-called Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik, lecturers and tutors are supplied with the tools necessary to give their lessons an innovative and challenging slant. Learning to lead, to spark interest, to stimulate thought processes, and to verify knowledge levels: lecturers and tutors at RUB learn all these things. A programme that renders RUB quite unique.

Zentrum für Wissenschaftsdidaktik (German)

Coaching: individual consultancy

How do I motivate my students and communicate my subject in an interesting manner? How can I advance my career? And how do I organise my daily routine as efficiently as possible? Some questions can be best resolved in individual interviews. Our coaches provide 1:1 consultancy. Personal and individual mentoring enables you to find creative solutions to problems and to improve your teaching skills all round. Together with an external coach, you will systematically identify the challenges you face in your daily routine and devise strategies for the development of your individual career in the long term.

Coaching for professors (German)

Human resources development
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