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Careers with equal opportunities

What counts at RUB are skills, and not gender. Women and men are offered the same career opportunities: in studies, in science as well as in administration.

In degree courses

Junge Uni offers school students the opportunity to check out subjects that don’t conform to gender stereotypes.

Consultancy and guidance services help students navigate along the path towards employment. Some of the services address specifically women students.

By pursuing a Master's degree in Gender Studies, students acquire gender knowledge and gender competencies.

In research

For everyone

RUB research funding ensures financial support to researchers across all career levels at every stage of their research project.

Target group: early career researchers

RUB offers mentoring programmes for specific target group, in order to foster the careers of women doctoral and habilitation candidates as well as women junior professors.

Together with the Human Resources Development Department, RUB’s Collaborative Research Centres, Graduate Schools and Research Training Groups implement a concept for career development of female early career researchers and to promote gender sensitization. The activities are laid out to meet the requirements of early career researchers in DFG programmes.

Moreover, equal opportunity activities play a crucial role in the Resolv Cluster of Excellence. Its gender concept "International Female Faculty" rated highly during the excellence initiative assessment.

Target group: women professors

At Women Professors Forum, women professors from all branches of science at RUB have joined forces. The Forum aims at recruiting, retaining and promoting women researchers at any stage of an academic career.

With its Caroline Herschel Programme, RUB funds international visiting women professors who research and teach at RUB. Thus, RUB continuously optimises its international profile and its equal opportunity strategy.

In order to optimise the international character and cooperations of Gender Studies in research and education, RUB has been running the Marie Jahoda Visiting Professor Programme for researchers of international renown since 1994.

In engineering and administrative departments

Equal opportunity endeavours in engineering and administrative departments encompass further education, consultancy and networking. Approx. 500 engineering and admin employees meet up at the annual event “Auf dem Weg nach vorn – Frauen an der RUB” (“moving forward – women at RUB”). Moreover, the task forces “examination offices”, “Registrar’s Office management” and “women technical assistants” provide ample opportunity for colleagues to exchange experiences.

In the commission “Women Employees in Engineering and Administrative Departments” at the German Conference of Women’s and Equal Opportunity Officers (Bundeskonferenz der Frauen- und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten), the RUB Representative of Equal Opportunity Officer advocates for a reassessment of women’s work, with the aim of achieving equal pay through discrimination-free evaluation of labour at higher-education institutions.

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