Campusentwicklung / Innenstadt / Bergbaumuseum und Umgebung aus der Luft (EN)
Aerial view of the Bochum city park quarter with Bergbaumuseum

City centre

RUB has long since arrived in the middle of Bochum and is becoming more and more visible in the transfer of science into society. Three places represent this development: Blue Square, Bochumer Fenster and the so-called Archaeology Triangle.

Archaeology Triangle

The history of mining: Bochum’s culture has its roots underground. Three institutions drill down to deeper layers, in order to unearth the truth about the past. A museum, a technical university and an institute at RUB study old cultures and the history of mining – and turn them into an exciting experience for all interested parties.

Institute of Archaeological Studies

Going in search of forgotten cultures armed with a shovel and brush: the Institute of Archaeological Studies has incorporated the disciplines classical archaeology as well as pre- and early history since 2002. The prime objective of the degree courses is to teach a hands-on approach and practical application of knowledge. This is why the academics share their knowledge with the broad public, in addition to embarking on field trips in order to assist at archaeological digs.

Institute of Archaeological Studies

Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola

Since 1816, young people have been learning all there is to know about the mining industry at Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola, formerly known as Bergbauschule (school of mining). Since traditional pit foreman training was discontinued in 1963, aspiring engineers have been learning the ropes in the fields of geotechnical and environmental engineering, information technology, and future energies. In order to share their research findings with interested citizens, the university established the Deutsches Bergbaumuseum (German Mining Museum).

Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola

Deutsches Bergbaumuseum

“Let’s go underground,” is routinely heard at the German Mining Museum. In a tunnel that had been specifically set up to be explored by laymen, visitors experience the realities of the mining profession first-hand. The world’s largest mining museum provides a wealth of information on the turbulent history of mining. In exhibitions stretching over an area of 12,000 square metres, visitors learn all about the work in underground mines.

Deutsches Bergbaumuseum

Über uns / Campusentwicklung / Innenstadt / Blue Square (EN)
Outside view of Blue Square

Blue Square

Experiencing university: in the heart of the city, Blue Square is a place where science and culture become tangible. Here, RUB bundles its knowledge and skills in order to share it with people from all walks of life and of any age. Transfer of science into society takes place face to face and on equal footing.

Blue Square offers a platform for lectures, readings, music and discussions. Visitors and organisers watch movie classics and conduct experiments together. The programmes and activities are suitable for people of (almost) all ages. In addition, visitors can purchase RUB merchandise in a store on the ground floor: apparel, office supplies, accessories and more.

Bochumer Fenster

Bochumer Fenster is located in the former Stadtbad-Galerie near Bochum Central Station. Institutes of the Faculty of Psychology, including the Center for Psychotherapy, are located here, as well as lecture halls and chairs of the Faculty of Law.

The lecture halls are not only visited by students, but also by the public. Bochumer Fenster frequently houses events that primarily attract interested citizens of Bochum. Those events are intended to spark curiosity and enthusiasm for scientific questions.

In addition, the fitness studio of RUB is located in the Bochumer Fenster.

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