Das Wort "Diversity" auf bunten Klebezetteln

Codex: Freedom and Diversity at RUB

Ruhr-Universität is committed to the principle of freedom of research and teaching as laid down in the Basic Law. The university ensures that this freedom is exercised in accordance with the Constitution and that its exercise does not violate the dignity of individuals or groups.

The university Rectorate is aware that people with heterogeneous socialisations and values come together on campus. The Rectorate is willing to act as a mediator in conflicts and misunderstandings arising from such differences. It strives to reduce and prevent discrimination in the behaviour of students and staff as well as in communication in research and teaching. Even in the face of divergent opinions, respectful treatment guides the interactions of our academic community.

With the Diversity Charter, Ruhr-Universität has committed to expressing a diversity of academic discourses and ideological perspectives. It views this diversity as both a challenge and an asset that moves us forward as a universitas in the spirit of mutual appreciation.

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