Digitalisierung Endgeräte
Digitalisierung Endgeräte

Digital University

Steering and shaping the digital transformation in the university, bundling requirements and tackling them in a structured way – these are the key objectives of the programme “Process Orientation and Digitalisation of Administration” (PDV).

The university will remain attractive as an employer only if everyone at RUB has easy access to administrative services in digital form and if these services support research and teaching in the best possible way. In addition, the digitalisation of administrative processes is also stipulated by legal requirements such as the NRW E-Government Act (E-Governmentgesetz NRW) and the Online Access Act and is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science. Under the umbrella of the Digital University NRW, RUB has joined forces with other universities across the Land of NRW, which are developing model solutions for digital processes, so that each benefits from the experience and groundwork laid by the others.

This is how the PDV programme works

In the PDV programme, RUB has identified and prioritised processes that are to be optimised and digitalised. Work has been underway since 2019 to improve our administrative services and facilitate access and usage for our members of staff. All employees involved in this process receive support in project, process and change management as needed. Comprehensive solutions are developed and made available for challenges faced by all project teams.

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The Campus Management Project

Campus management encompasses all administrative and organizational processes for a course of study, from student applications to participation in courses and the issuing of degree certificates.

The resulting tasks are mapped by the introduction of the new software HISinOne. On the one hand, the aim is to further improve services for students, lecturers and administrative staff. On the other hand, it is also intended to meet new requirements in the context of digitization, internationalization, differentiation of study programs and the demands of increasingly data-based university management.

Information for employees on the project (intern)

The e-Billing project

Digital procurement is coming: The aim of the e-billing project is to completely and holistically digitalise the procurement process – from order preparation to invoice processing and archiving.

More information for suppliers and external invoicing parties

More information für RUB-employees (german)

The RUB4Talents project

An up-to-date application management system is an important parameter for successfully filling open vacancies. The RUB4Talents project aims to introduce a standardised, user-friendly and legally compliant recruitment process for all staff categories.

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The Identity Management project

The basis for all digital processes is a unique identity for all individuals, which is linked to roles and authorisations.

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Digitalisation of the administration
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