Studentin mit Büchern
Studentin mit Büchern

First at university

As a reform university, RUB enabled students from working-class backgrounds to attend university as early as the 1960s. Compared with other German universities, Ruhr-Universität still has one of the highest proportions of students who were the first ones in their family to attend university, at over 50 per cent.

The proportion of students from such backgrounds at RUB is large. In addition to students from working class families in the Ruhr region, they often include people of non-German heritage. We provide support for all students who are new to academia and have had little contact with academic education and academic conduct.

We specifically foster the academic careers of first-generation students, in accordance with their aptitude and talent. Support at RUB is available through a wide range of services and offices, covering everything from financing your studies, through library research to advice on writing academic papers.

Student guidance

How do I find my way around RUB? How do I support myself during my studies? What can I do when I run into any difficulties? We don’t leave RUB students alone with these questions: Specially trained teams of advisors listen, provide food for thought and practical tips – all the way from before you enter university to when you take the step into professional life.

Central offices

Talent scouts

The RUB talent scouts look after students attending vocational colleges, grammar schools and comprehensive schools in Bochum and the Ennepe-Ruhr district who are looking for support in planning their future. Talent scouts are on the lookout for the sometimes hidden talents of the students – these are not necessarily reflected in their school grades. Anyone who would like to get support, or who shows exceptional commitment or individual abilities, will find advice and a sympathetic ear from our talent scouts.

Former school students from the NRW Talent Scouting programme who are now pursuing a degree at Ruhr-Universität Bochum or who wish to stay in touch with their talent scouts can exchange ideas at the talent network meeting.

Peer-to-peer mentoring programme

Taking the step from school to university usually brings with it many changes in terms of curricula, as well as personal, social and organisational aspects. In particular, students with disabilities often have to cope with a variety of challenges when entering a degree programme that initially have nothing in common with the programme itself. This is why RUB brings students together with prospective students in order to help them getting started at university.

The association is a contact point for people who are the first in their family to go to university. Via the association, they are offered assistance by students, graduates and professionals. Meetings are held regularly at RUB as well as online.

Talent development

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