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Funding programmes

The quality of education and teaching is an ongoing development process in which RUB inspires and gets inspired in turn. This is why RUB has implemented a number of in-house programmes to nurture the innovative spirit of its teaching staff. At the same time, the university supports the realisation of teaching projects, takes part in external competition, and helps its lecturers and tutors file all relevant applications.

In-house funding programmes at RUB

The “Forschendes Lernen” (“Research-oriented learning”) programme supports the implementation of RUB’s future strategy, especially in Bachelor’s degrees, by funding teaching programmes that enable students to familiarise themselves with and conduct independent research. The 5x5000 competition provides financial backing for development projects in the field of digital teaching and learning. The learning infrastructure programme (“Lerninfrastrukturprogramm”) funds research-oriented equipment of classrooms.

Teaching projects with third-party funding

Third-party funding is a good proof of high quality of education at RUB. This is reflected in teaching projects that RUB has secured in Germany-wide competitions.

Those include:

The BMBF Quality Pact for Teaching

    Supports students across disciplines and faculties by helping them shape individual study profiles.
  • Project ELLI – Excellent Teaching and Learning in Engineering
    The RUB’s joint project with the universities in Aachen and Dortmund that aims at improving teaching in engineering sciences.

The Stifterverband Fellowships

… for Innovations in Higher Education:

  • RUB-Law active: Economics law
    A legal corporate strategic planning simulation teaches corporate law using specific economic examples.

… for Digital Innovations in Higher Education:

  • HNOline
    The pilot project promotes digitalisation in education at Faculty of Medicine. Video tutorials provide hands-on assistance for relevant topics.
  • Database of Math Instructions
    Students who encounter mathematics at some state of their degree course, will most likely have to complete exercises on a weekly basis. Following the launch of the Database of Math Instructions (Domain), a platform is being created to enable lecturers and tutors to efficiently exchange digital maths exercises on an international level.
  • E-Pol-Sys
    Digital teaching and learning about the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany: in a virtual parliament at E-Pol-Sys, students solve problems that are faced by political actors in real life on a daily basis. The online course complements the introductory lecture on the political systems in Germany
  • Self-learning environment for text analysis
    Students have the opportunity to practice and learn methodologies of academic and analytical approach to literary texts via an Internet platform.

Ars legendi award for excellence in higher education

  • Faculty award mathematics and natural sciences 2014
    The “What’s life” module combines various didactic methods and technical components in order to introduce students to independent research at the beginning of their degree course.
  • Faculty award biology 2019
    The e-learning course "Plant physiological exercises goes digital" prepares students interactively for the basics of experimental work and for practical laboratory exercises in plant physiology.
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