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Quality management

To ensure that teaching at RUB remains innovative, teachers and students are regularly interviewed.

Evaluation for innovation

The people in charge of teaching, consultancy and exam ensure the high quality in their respective area of responsibility on many levels. To this end, RUB defines short-term and long-term objectives, maintaining close and listening communication with the faculties and institutes. Good teaching ideas are funded through appropriate programmes, in order to make sure that they are thoroughly tested and can be used by all. When developing cross-faculty concepts, for example in the areas of digitalisation and internationalisation as well as systematic training courses for lecturers and tutors, faculties and institutes have the option to utilise a wealth of services provided by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (ZfW). The data-based evaluation of teaching and studying situations support the Administrative Department for University Development and Strategy with official feedback processes, the results of which are used for setting up target agreements in education.

Quality management

RUB utilises evaluations of individual lectures and seminars as well as the results of RUB surveys among first-year students as performance benchmark for the quality of education and teaching. Additional quality indicators are regular surveys conducted among the graduates by an academic research project at the Institute for Applied Statistics, in which approx. 50 universities in German-speaking countries take part. Under the umbrella of the education initiative RuhrFutur, RUB has the chance to investigate the specific situation of students in the Ruhr region, together with other joining higher-education institutions in the region.

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