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Religious diversity

RUB understands itself as a cosmopolitan and tolerant institution that guarantees the religious freedom of all university members and promotes cooperation based on mutual appreciation and respect.

The diversity of religions and world views is largely invisible at RUB. It manifests itself in various religious student communities.

We develop and implement numerous measures to ensure that all members of different religions feel at home at Ruhr-Universität.

No exams on religious holidays

RUB was the first university in Germany to decide to take religious concerns into account when scheduling exams if a date conflicts with mandatory religious obligations.

Contemplation room

We are currently in the process of launching a contemplation room at Ruhr-Universität. It is to be inaugurated in the summer semester of 2022 and will provide space for spiritual needs and individual prayer across all religions.

In addition, it will also be open to people who seek silence for non-religious reasons in order to take care of their health and mental well-being. Recognising and promoting religious diversity creates an atmosphere of fellowship and mutual respect.


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