Student in a laboratory

Research-oriented teaching and shaping profiles

Active participation in shaping teaching formats or interdisciplinary research: At the RUB, students get the best foundation for their future careers – within and outside science and research.

Research-oriented teaching

Research-oriented teaching is at the heart of education at RUB. Experiencing the interplay of theory and practice, students thus acquire reflexive competence to act – the best foundation for their later professional career, regardless if takes place in academia and research or not. In numerous small and large projects, students have the chance to actively contribute to developing teaching formats.

Shaping profiles

With compulsory elective modules for 2-subject Bachelor students, RUB creates the right conditions for students to shape their individual profiles. In lectures and seminars, lecturers and tutors give their students the opportunity to gain practical experience, improve their foreign-language skills on an academic level, pursue intensive research projects, and review interdisciplinary questions.

Student initiative projects

The student initiative projects enables students to put their own project ideas into practice.

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