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RUB Career Track

The RUB Career Track is a unique chance for highly qualified RUB researchers who had not originally been on the path towards tenure: researchers who demonstrate outstanding performance in their discipline can be recommended for a Career Track professorship by their faculty. RUB has thus created an alternative to traditional appointment procedures.

Reward for outstanding services

RUB researchers to whom the tenure option had not been open initially but who earned it by showing outstanding academic excellence have the option to secure a full and unlimited professorship through the RUB Career Track, after successfully completing the evaluation process. The RUB Career Track professorship is a great honour and is created for one specific researcher. This is why the Rectorate awards RUB Career Track professorships in accordance with the demand, rather than to meet a quota.

The RUB Career Track is open to the following researchers

  • junior research group leaders
  • junior professors
  • members of the Academic Senate on limited appointment
  • postdocs
  • outstanding early career researchers who have received an appointment from outside the university.


The candidate and the faculty jointly verify in advance if an application is likely to succeed. Following clearly defined regulations, the faculty and the Rectorate split the cost for establishing the professorship. If the RUB Career Track professor leaves Ruhr-Universität, the professorship expires.

In order to maintain our high quality standards, each RUB Career Track professorship is preceded by a strenuous evaluation process. In the process, the applicant’s performance in teaching, research and administration are analysed and evaluated in accordance with fair and standardised criteria. Candidates who successfully complete this process have cleared the final hurdle.

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