With each appointment, RUB shapes education and research. Consequently, RUB understands and appreciate the importance of appointment procedures at Ruhr-Universität. In order to make sure that all applicants are aware of what is expected of them, RUB keeps appointment procedures consistent and transparent and ensure a speedy and diligent finalisation of the process. In all phases of the appointment procedure, RUB is at hand to answer the applicants’ questions. In our endeavours to build a shared future, RUB mentors and supports prospective professors from day one.

The objectives of our appointment procedures are as follows:

  • Highest quality of education and research
  • Internationalisation
  • Increasing the proportion of female professors
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Education and research are both starting point and mission at RUB. This is why the university adheres to the highest standards when it comes to the quality of its core competencies. The appointment procedures follow clearly defined values, fair and transparent policies.

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The RUB application procedures comply with international standards. Looking to recruit outstanding researchers, RUB advertises all professorship vacancies globally.

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The Appointment Commissioners are there to ensure the long-term consistency, quality and transparency of all recruiting and appointment procedures.

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The appointment procedures are based upon ethical values to which RUB is deeply committed as a university. RUB is looking for people who push the envelope of education and research and whose abilities, experience and personalities will enrich Ruhr-Universität as a whole.


Here is an overview of all information and documents pertaining to appointment procedures for faculties as well as various services for applicants and newly appointed professors.

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