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Values of the appointment procedures

The appointment procedures are based upon ethical values to which Ruhr University is deeply committed as a university. Ruhr University is looking for people who push the envelope of education and research and whose abilities, experience and personalities will enrich Ruhr-Universität as a whole. In the process, Ruhr University Bochum takes a person’s qualifications, talent, and personality under consideration – and not their gender.

Gender equality

  • Ruhr University Bochum has undertaken to significantly increase the number of women in leadership positions in both research and teaching. Accordingly, the Rectorate has created a special incentive system for the appointment of female professors.
  • Faculties appointing a female academic to a professorship receive 20,000,00 € non-personal funds that should be placed at the appointee’s disposal.
  • Our regulations for appointments authorise the use of active recruitment instruments. They also allow for the consideration of new, additional applications while an appointment process is pending.
  • Ruhr University takes part in the equal opportunity scheme “Professorinnen-Programm” (a scheme developed and financed by the German Federal Government and the Federal States). At Ruhr University Bochum, three professorships for women are currently funded by this scheme.

Equal opportunities

Equal and fair chances for everyone: learn more about our services and initiatives that ensure gender equality at our university.

Women Professors Forum

The Women Professors Forum provides a support and exchange platform for female academics.

Professorship and family

Bringing up children while pursuing an academic career at Ruhr University Bochum is easy. We also support you if you take care of sick or elderly relatives. The intention is to keep talents and to help them balance academic career with family responsibilities.


Good research overcomes borders and thrives on global exchange. Ruhr University Bochum is part of a global network. Academics from all over the world come together in interfaculty Research Departments. In international teams, researchers carry out interdisciplinary research projects hand in hand with colleagues from other countries. The International Office supports our researchers in all matters concerning internationalisation.

International Office

The Welcome Centre is the first port of call for all international visitors. This is where international researchers are offered advice and assistance as they prepare and implement their project at Ruhr University Bochum.

Welcome Centre


The things that are important to us make us unique: Ruhr University focuses on interdisciplinary education and research. Ruhr University Bochum is convinced that a research object can and should be approached from more than one scientific perspective. This is why Ruhr University makes it easy for our employees to engage in interdisciplinary exchange – even beyond the borders of Germany. In Research Departments and research institutions, Ruhr University consistently fosters interdisciplinary collaboration. Researchers have the opportunity to acquire the necessary tools – in accordance with their respective prior knowledge – at the Centre of University Didactics or the Research School.


Lifelong learning

Ruhr University Bochum is convinced that there’s always something left for us to learn. Consequently, Ruhr University provides a wide range of career training and further education courses for our professors. From English-language courses, through introduction to Excel, to leadership seminars – each and every employee has the chance to find a course that meets his or her requirements. Moreover, a number of institutions support our employees from the outset, helping them develop a career strategy that meets their abilities, qualifications and interests.

Organisational and Professional Development

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