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Tenure Track

A tenure-track professorship is an attractive station on the career path of early career researchers: it facilitates independent research and teaching at an early stage. After a successful evaluation process, they can be sure to be tenured. Ruhr University offers excellent opportunities to researchers who show outstanding performance.

The tenure-track concept

Our innovative, holistic concept to support early career researchers has been awarded 20 tenure-track professorships by the federal-state programme for the promotion of early career researchers. Ruhr University has allocated these professorships to different disciplines, advertised them on the international level, and finalised the appointments. But this is only the beginning: starting in 2021, every new permanent professorial vacancy in the W2 or W3 salary categories is advertised and awarded as a tenure-track professorship.

Tenure-track professorships at Ruhr University

Most of the professorships advertised in the federal-state programme were awarded after an internal selection process at Ruhr University Bochum. Our faculties and other institutions could apply for these tenure-track professorships. The applicants had to elaborate in what way the professorship in question would raise the faculty’s and the university’s profile. If the application has been approved by the Rectorate, the tenure-track professorship was advertised on an international level. Once such a professorship become available, it will be advertised here:

Job Advertisements (german website)

All tenure-track professorships advertised after the completion of the internal selection process will be posted in relevant job portals.


All candidates undergo a standardised evaluation process. The requirements are deliberately high: we thus ensure that tenure-track professors who have successfully completed the evaluation process are on par with other lecturers and tutors in higher education. Early career researchers who are already employed at Ruhr University are also welcome to apply for a tenure-track position, provided they had previously worked outside Ruhr-Universität for a period of at least two years. Should the future tenure-track professor leave Ruhr University Bochum, the professorship does not expire – rather, it provides a real chance to a new talent.

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