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University development

RUB establishes itself as a progressive university for the 21st century.

Laid out for the period between 2000 and 2025, the university’s long-term development strategy is subdivided into four phases, each of which has its own distinct focus:

  • Phase I focused on a thorough modernisation of the educational system.
  • In Phase II, RUB created flexible support structures for researchers and powerful Research Focal Programmes, and RUB implemented powerful tools for the promotion of early career researchers.
  • In Phase III, RUB is currently focusing on all facets of internationalisation across the entire university.
  • In Phase IV, the structural and technological modernisation of the university will be completed. At the same time, RUB will continue to implement the strategic campus development in its three locations: campus – city centre – Mark 51°7.

Our objective is to strengthen the performance and, consequently, the university’s sustainability and appeal over the coming years on behalf of all RUB members. As a community of those members – in research, education, and administration – RUB accepts this challenge. Its guiding principle “Creating Knowledge Networks” stands for everything that has characterised RUB since the inception of the university:

  • extensive networks as well as frank and honest communication; coupled with a confident approach to competition and performance;
  • close interdisciplinary collaboration based on an integration of all scientific disciplines that has been pursued since the inception of the university;
  • a strong team spirit and, consequently, a strong identification with the university;
  • and last but not least, RUB's willingness to assume responsibility for the society of which it is part.
Campus Development
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