Campusentwicklung IA und Audimax (EN)
View of the Audimax from the IB building


The campus is the nucleus of RUB. As a place of learning and teaching, it combines research, teaching and administration and is gradually being modernised.

Thanks to ongoing redevelopment, the RUB campus is turning into a state-of-the-art location for learning and teaching. The campus will remain the centre and the face of RUB even once the new tripolar structure is implemented. It combines academia, research and administration under one roof.

The face of the campus has changed considerably in the last few years. By the end of 2018, approx. one third of its original buildings have been redeveloped. To date, this means primarily buildings in the I section. Originally three, their number has now been expanded to four; one building has been replaced and two entirely new buildings have been constructed in the same location. A new building has also been added to the G section. And the redevelopment process is still ongoing.

The same is true for the existing building stock, first and foremost the new research buildings that are being constructed on the Mark 51°7 premises as well as on campus. They include buildings for solvation science (ZEMOS), protein research (ProDi) and material research, all of which are being resp. have been set up on campus.

Beim Sommerfest der RUB wird das Forum zur Bühne.
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