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Integration Management Programme

The integration management programme (Betriebliche Eingliederungsmanagement, BEM) is a service for employees who are unfit for work due to an illness, either frequently or for an extended period of time. Supported by an RUB integration management officer and, if required, by other bodies in charge of consultancy and assistance, employees are provided with solutions that help them continue to work despite their impairments, to prevent further deterioration, and to cut down on absence from work.

BEM has been implemented as a prevention measure to maintain employee health. In order to ensure optimum guidance and assistance within the programme, RUB has set up a transparent process with clearly defined responsibilities and procedures that is subject to ongoing optimisation.

The integration management programme at RUB entails the following:

Voluntary, autonomous participation and the utmost in confidentiality – confirmed in the works agreement within the integration management programme – as well as consistent and transparent processes.

Discreet and standardised processes

The integration management programme follows a standardised process: if employees become unfit for work either repeatedly or for an extended period, they are invited to an interview with an integration management officer – regardless of future proceedings or nature of illness, as laid down in law.

Each case is unique. In order to ensure that a standardised procedure meets each and every employee’s requirements, RUB has created a flexible process that facilitates tailor-cut solutions.

Everything that is discussed within the integration management programme remains there – unless otherwise agreed. Any information will be shared only following the respective employee’s prior consent in writing. Diagnoses don’t have to be discussed in the integration management programme.

The process

Voluntary participation

Participation in the integration management programme is voluntary, and potential participants are admitted only after a mandatory briefing. By making sure to give the employees enough time and information to learn about the integration management programme, RUB enables them to make a conscious decision to join or to reject it. Accordingly, RUB integration management officers invite potential participants to an interview for the purpose of providing information on the objectives, the confidentiality, and the strict privacy regulations in the integration management programme.

Confidentiality and privacy

As a general rule, RUB integration management officers conduct one or several strictly confidential interviews with employees in order to identify solutions suitable for their individual situation. For legal reasons, a copy of each invitation to the integration management programmes is sent by integration management officers to staff representatives. Other bodies get involved only if the respective employee gives their explicit and written consent to such information being shared. All participating parties, including the integration management officers, are bound by strict confidentiality. The human resources department is merely informed that an invitation to the integration management programme has been sent and if it took place.

Transparent process

RUB has developed a standardised progress for the integration management programme and its general conditions. It is recorded in a works agreement. The agreement defines the objectives of the integration management programme and constitutes the basis for all activities and measures undertook within the programme. Moreover, it provides a guarantee regarding aspects in which our integration management processes exceed the existing legal requirements. The integration management officer and staff representatives ensure full compliance with the items laid down in the works agreement.

The work agreement is available for download and describes the procedures within the integration management programme, the duties of all participants, and the general conditions for RUB employees within the programme.

Works agreement (German)

Individual measures

For RUB, the integration management programme constitutes a chance of retaining employees with valuable experience and skills. Consequently, integration management officers collaborate with participants to identify individual solutions. Potential measures may include medical and professional rehabilitation, re-qualification, or various adjustments, such as changes to

  • … workplace design.
  • … work organisation.
  • … working hours.
  • … work content.
  • … working environment.
  • … the relationship with colleagues or supervisors.

The entire process focuses on accommodating the respective employee. All contributors to the integration management programme pursue a common goal: they assist the employee in resuming their work to the best possible extent. Consultancy and guidance throughout the programme are individual and unbiased. Tailor-cut solutions are thus created with joined forces.

Learning system

RUB continuously optimises its integration management programme. To this end, the university reviews if the programme yields the required results, based on clearly defined quality management regulations and an annual performance test. By identifying potential optimisation potential, RUB ensures ongoing optimisation of the process.

Beneficial for all RUB employees

The integration management programme promotes workplace health and safety for all RUB employees. Anonymised evaluations of the process reveal which factors are perceived to be stressful and which are perceived to promote health. Subsequently, RUB implements appropriate measures in order to continuously improve working conditions for all employees.

The integration management programme thus pursues two objectives:

  1. to support all individuals who suffer from long-term or frequently recurring health impairments.
  2. to identify specific fields of action and necessary measures for RUB.

The integration management programme helps RUB create a workplace environment that promotes health in the long term. Consequently, RUB has incorporated the integration management programme as a central element of its workplace health management policy.

Workplace health management

Legal foundation of the integration management programme

Under the terms of § 167, Abs. 2, SGB IX of the German Social Code (Neuntes Sozialgesetzbuch), each employee is entitled to participate in an integration management programme.

The objectives are prescribed by law:

  • Overcoming unfitness for work
  • Preventing unfitness for work
  • Retaining employment

RUB provides integration management programmes to all employees who become unfit for work due to an illness for a period longer than six weeks in total within twelve months.

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