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Welcome to the UNIC campus! RUB is part of the international university consortium UNIC – European University of Post-Industrial Cities. It is an association of ten universities dedicated to promoting student mobility and social integration.

By creating a European university, the aim is to increase exchange and cooperation in teaching, research and transfer. Its purpose is to enable students, researchers, teachers and administrative staff to benefit from the opportunities offered by a European campus. In addition, "UNIC4ER - UNIC for Engaged Research" aims to drive co-production of knowledge for, with and within society in a more impact-oriented way and to involve citizens and cities directly in research.

Joint Statement from FOREU1 and FOREU2 in support to Ukraine

Flagge Ukraine

We, the 41 Alliances of European Universities, representing about 300 European Higher Education institutions, stand together and send our strongest solidarity to the Ukrainian people after Russian Government’s attack. We also strongly condemn the bombardment of Kharkiv National University. Our Alliances have been built on a shared vision of a welcoming and peaceful Europe: we urge all stakeholders to restore peace, democracy and respect of human rights in Ukraine.

Many of our Alliances have partners located in the Ukraine’s region: they have started to host Ukrainian refugees, including members of Ukrainian academic community. In solidarity, other Alliances’ partners are setting up mechanisms to support them (fund raising, supply of basic goods, scholarships, etc.).

True to the European values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law, and human rights, our Alliances will remain inclusive to all students and academics and will continue to provide support to all who are affected by this tragic situation.

Joint Statement


Offers for students

Stays at the UNIC partner universities

RUB students can undertake exchange semesters or shorter study and research stays at UNIC partner universities, depending on the subject. The options will be further expanded in the course of the project through blended learning formats , summer and winter schools and city labs, through to joint degree programmes. Financial support for the stays will be offered through Erasmus scholarships and other funding programmes within UNIC.

Go Green: Train instead of plane

UNIC promotes green mobility to minimise the environmental footprint of our European University. With the Train instead of Plane (TIP) Scheme, we offer 15 scholarships per year for students of UNIC universities who commit to travelling by train for their semester abroad at one of the UNIC universities - if the host university is at least 350km away from the home university.

Courses at the partners

All universities offer virtual teaching and learning opportunities as part of the UNIC Opened Courses, which can also be attended by students and teachers from other universities.

Student participation

UNIC student representation: Yazgi Yilmaz and Nina Habecke represent the interests of students in UNIC. They are available as contact persons for questions, suggestions, wishes. RUB students who would like to get involved in UNIC can also contact the UNIC student representation: unic-students@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

Students from UNIC partner universities

Students from UNIC partner universities can spend exchange semesters or shorter study and research stays at RUB, depending on their degree programmes.

Online Language Modules

Students of the Ruhr-Universität can take online courses in the languages of the various UNIC partner universities free of charge. Except for English (B1/B2 level), all language courses are developed for beginners.

They are digital self-study courses in which entire modules can be completed or individual content can be learned according to interest.

Offers for researchers and teachers

Joint virtual teaching

Joint virtual teaching and blended mobility formats are being developed in UNIC. To this end, RUB offers models and advice, as well as financial support through a university programme.

Teaching at partner universities

Teaching stays in presence at UNIC partner universities can be funded among others as Erasmus Teaching Staff mobility.

For researchers and teachers at UNIC partner universities

UNIC4ER Seed funds für Engagad Research Projekte

Offers for employees of Ruhr University

UNIC Job Shadowing

UNIC Job Shadowing is an ongoing initiative within the consortium. All partner universities offer their staff the opportunity to visit their colleagues from the same or related fields of work for a few days and exchange best practices.

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