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It is the networking between people and their know-how that makes up RUB.

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Located in the heart of Europe in the dynamic metropolitan region of the Ruhrgebiet, RUB with its 21 faculties is home to 42,600 students from over 130 countries.

A powerful research hub is where RUB’s comprehensive networks are born. In the process, the university breaks down disciplinary borders and lays the foundation for cross-disciplinary and cross-generational collaboration.

Ruhr University Bochum is deeply committed to furthering the development of young talents. The university mentors talented school students on their way to University.

At the RUB, cutting-edge research at an international level is not only incorporated into courses that are committed to the principle of research-based learning right from the start. Equally important is the transfer of knowledge and findings into industry and the public, as well as the strengthening of the entrepreneurial spirit of students.

As a university with a strong research profile, RUB focuses on research-oriented teaching. In the process, it addresses different development avenues for students: in research, in praxis, and in disciplinary and interdisciplinary work spheres.

Digitalisation has been transforming science and opening up new avenues for researching and teaching. Digital technologies render research, education, study, and administration more flexible, structured and simple.

Here, international students, teachers and researchers can find important information about their stay in Bochum. Students and staff will find everything about their opportunities for international mobility and cooperation, and we provide extensive information about the international profile and the internationalisation activities for the university.

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