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Digitalisierung ist ein wichtiges Thema an der Ruhr-Unviersität.


Digitalisation has been transforming science and opening up new avenues for researching and teaching. Digital technologies render research, education, study, and administration more flexible, structured and simple.


  • … improves daily life and work,
  • … prepares students competently for the digitalised workplace and living environment,
  • … creates a more flexible, family-friendly and inclusive university experience,
  • … renders services usable independent of time and location.
  • … and turns RUB into an attractive, powerful, and sustainable educational institution, research university, and employer.

Center for Advanced Internet Studies

Exploring the digital world

In order to further the scientific exploration of the digital world, we have set up the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS). Located in close vicinity to the RUB campus, CAIS studies the social, political and economic changes caused by digitalisation. Subsequently, CAIS shares the results of its research with other academic institutions and with society.

  • Research

Digitalisation broadens the research spectrum at Ruhr-Universität. This is reflected in the university’s main areas of research and interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as in the RUB tenure-track programme.


Online resources for researchers

Digitalisation makes a large data inventory accessible to researchers. In order for academic institutions and higher education institutions worldwide to benefit from it, we are currently setting up a management system for research data.

  • Education

Our teachers deploy digital tools and methods wherever they can be effectively used, for example for the purpose of research-oriented teaching. Consequently, they communicate up-to-date knowledge to the students, as well as skills that are relevant for the digitalised living and working environment. In this, they are supported by the Centre of Academic Didactics.


  • Study

Insight into degree courses with the RUB Checks, preparation for degree courses with RUB Bridges, e-learning on Moodle – many services offered to students at RUB are digital. In order to take advantage of them, our students have access to the Wi-Fi network free of charge everywhere on campus, in the RUB branches around Bochum, and in the Akafö student halls.


  • Transfer

Numerous research projects at RUB yield results that are valuable for the industry and for society. RUB startups, too, have been increasingly developing digital business ideas.


  • Administration

Submitting leave application letters or ordering a RUB staff card: RUB personnel have access to many digital services. Administrative services can thus be requested at any time and from any location. The changeover renders many processes much more convenient for our members of staff and, at the same time, reduces paper consumption.


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