As a university with a strong research profile, RUB focuses on research-oriented teaching. In the process, it addresses different development avenues for students: in research, in praxis, and in disciplinary and interdisciplinary work spheres. Students get inspired and motivated through outstanding teaching. In order to enable them to gain as much as possible from their degree course, teaching at RUB follows clearly defined objectives and a precise strategy.

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Theory and practice are brought together in the research-oriented teaching programme and elective courses for Bachelor students.

RUB has implemented a number of in-house programmes to nurture the innovative spirit of its teaching staff.

To ensure that teaching at RUB remains innovative, teachers and students are regularly interviewed.

In the wake of digitalisation, the competencies acquired by students in their degree course are changing – including for example new research methods, collaborative networks and time lags, or innovative contents such as the utilisation of virtual reality.

RUB enables students and early career researchers to take part in international exchange – at different stages of their university career and from the very beginning.

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At RUB, research and education go hand in hand. Good education inspires and renders students fit for their life after university. The collaboration with international and interdisciplinary teams requires specific skills.

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